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Making a decision to get vaccinated against Covid-19 can be a massive moment for you, your family, loved ones and your community as a whole.

This is  because you will not only be protecting yourself from the deadly coronavirus but also your family, friends and loved ones around you.

Getting vaccinated may appear stressful especially if it is your first time or you are worried about it or perhaps you have been self isolating at home for many months now.

Thus we have put together some simple tips recommended by UNICEF to help prepare you before you get your Covid-19  vaccine :

• Do your research. Learn more about the different types of COVID-19 vaccines and how they work and how vaccinations are being rolled out in your country. Make sure you’re relying on accurate vaccine information by checking that it comes from a trustworthy source, like your Ministry of Health, WHO or UNICEF.

 • Prepare your things. Make sure you have a nose mask; Hand sanitizer; Appointment notification; Your ID Card; and a travel plan to get to your appointment on time.

• Wear loose or short sleeves that can be rolled up easily, so that health workers have easy access to your arm.

• Tell your health provider, or vaccinator, if you have any health issues or are taking any medications, including any pain killers.

• Cancel your appointment if you have COVID-19 or the symptoms. If you have COVID-19, or the symptoms, on the day of your vaccination appointment, do not go to the appointment. This is because you could spread the virus to others at the vaccination centre.

• Get in touch with your vaccination centre, by message, phone or email to let them know you will not be attending your appointment because you have COVID-19 symptoms.

• You can get vaccinated when it has been 14 days since you last experienced COVID-19 symptoms.


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