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Some  youth ambassadors of African Youth Advocate foundation have admonished all those who are yet to be vaccinated to go and get their Covid-19 shots as soon as possible.

According to them, the vaccine is the safest way to protect people against the deadly coronavirus disease which has killed hundreds of thousands of people globally.

Aaron Frimpong also gave his nod on the need for Covid-19 vaccination saying “The reason i got vaccinated was just so i can participate in school activities without feeling the pressures of a possibility of getting covid”
“I got vaccinated to protect myself and my loved ones. Do you not want to protect yourself or your loved ones? If you do,so  get vaccinated.” That’s the advice of 21 year old Viola Konneh to all those who haven’t yet received the vaccine.

Our youth ambassador Bridget Quarshie, who is 16 years old and a junior at George Washington High School  also says “I encourage everyone to get vaccinated because it’s important just like every other vaccine and it’s a benefit for you and others around you.
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