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The Delta variant is a variant of lineage B.1.617 of SARS-CoV-
2, the virus that causes COVID-19. It was first identified in
India in December 2020 and swept rapidly through India and
Great Britain before reaching the United States where it is now
the predominant variant.
The Delta variant has been described by the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention (CDC) as highly transmissible and
contagious. Where the Delta variant is identified, it takes off
rapidly and spreads between people more efficiently than even
the Alpha variant.
“The Delta variant causes more infections and spreads faster
than early forms of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-
19″ The CDC reports.
As of today, the Delta variant has been reported in more than
150 countries and is expected to continue its spread to other
parts of the world.
Places with low vaccination rates are experiencing the highest
spread of cases and severe outcomes and virtually most
hospitalizations and deaths have been among those who have
not been vaccinated, the CDC says. Thus, the most important

thing you can do to protect yourself from Delta is to get fully
The CDC also released data in July to show that vaccinated
people can also transmit Delta unlike the other variants. This
therefore calls for the observance of all the prevention strategies
including masking indoors in public places, to stop transmission
and stop the pandemic.


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